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"I have worked with Cheri on multiple projects, including period projects that she pulled off very convincingly. Cheri is highly detailed in the way she approaches her work, and she creates sets that have tremendously strong impact on camera. She’s a great creative voice to have on your team."
–Rosemary Williams, Director and Producer

"Cheri had my back from pre-production all the way to wrapping the project. She had an inspiring faith and enthusiasm for the film with the skills and years of experience to match. I appreciated Cheri's willingness and patience in developing the look in pre-production, her openness to different approaches, and consistency in delivering results on set. I was always confident that Cheri would deliver the right look for the characters and the world of the film. She was incredible at putting together her team and gracious in training recent university graduates who were interested in working in the art department. On a purely interpersonal level, she is a very pleasant person to work with and surrounds herself with equally dedicated and open-hearted friendly people. I would absolutely work with Cheri again! 10 out of 10!"
– Yaya, Director

"I've had the pleasure of working with Cheri multiple times. I cannot express how intensely professional, creative and generally wonderful Cheri is. Her work ethic and talent is unmatched no matter what the job, despite the level of difficulty. I highly recommend Cheri and am proud of all of the work I've been fortunate enough to do with her."
–Paul von Stoetzel, Proprietor- Killing Joke Films, Inc.

"Cheri Anderson is committed to and stands for cinematic excellence."
–Kjell Kvanbeck, Director

Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear” could easily be the production designer’s lament on any independent, low-budget feature. Not the case with Cheri. Adapting to the constraints of a limited budget and last-minute location changes, she did a terrific job of managing our art department and was an integral part of creating the “look” of HOLIDAY BEACH and the spirit of the entire shoot."
–Steve Larson,  Director
“Holiday Beach”

"Cheri's always on time and on-the-ball. She delivers the look that I'm after and often exceeds my (high) expectations."
–David Welder, Conceptual Photographer

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